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Eternal night of dreams…

The magical hue of blue,

touches me and you,

as we lay on the moon beam,

in this eternal night of dreams,

full of stars.

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015



Question to my fellow bloggers and friends: What do you like most about spring?

As we continue to dive into spring and get our fair share of rain, thunderstorms and fresh blooms…I want to ask my friends/bloggers, what is your favourite thing about the season?

I will start off…I love how the earth smells after rain and also right before rain…I love seeing the fresh green grass…I don’t always like a heavy downpour… especially if I am driving but I love sleeping to the sound of it 🙂 Alright these were just a few things…I hope to see many more of what you love in the comment section 🙂

 image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015


Yesterday’s touch – Twitter prompt

You fell asleep

on yesterday’s touch

dreaming of tomorrow

copyright poem and image neha 2015

copyright poem and image neha 2015













This was one of the prompts on twitter…I wrote a few others with this prompt today :)if you wish to read them or my other posts follow me at: I also retweet good poetry and posts on my page!


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Calling all creative minds/bloggers/friends to a Spring Collaboration

And here it is…the beautiful Spring Collaboration! Thank you to every one who contributed! Please note the collaboration is now closed but do check out the wonderful blogs of my friends and contributors…for some amazing posts that will touch your heart and mind! 🙂


free google image free google image

Hi Everyone,

As the flowers start to bloom and I hear the quite hum of spring rain, I cannot help but let my creative side also bloom with nature…So I thought I would start a Spring collaboration with all of you. Like previous collaborations, I will start off and you can add your piece in the comments, I will be posting them in the order they come and listing the contributor at the end of the piece. You can check out some previous collaborations, here is a link to one of them to get an idea of how it works: This will be open for one month so till midnight on May 3rd. I hope to see many lovely contributions!

The cool spring breeze 

puts the heart at ease

as you lay under sunshine


after quiet rain

A sniff of the air
And I…

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