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Drifting with the Rill of Dreams

Rill of Dreams












Whispering Brook of Inspiration,

Tributary of fair Muses;

Sparkle through my Questing Dullness,



While the world confuses.


Your mind drifted

in the cool evening breeze

as you dreamt with the sky

in ease


Rill of Enigmatic Dreaming,

River of Harmonious Light;

Beguile as Reality sits moping,


Then Sing,

Through the Harrowing Night.


And your dreams scattered

like the tiny branches

illuminated by the golden light

of the sun



Living Source of Contemplation,

Bejeweled with Notions Bright and Fair;

Meander through this place of Sorrow,



While Dreams Entice and Prepare.


Your heart swayed

in the gentle, peaceful love

that was bestowed from far above

as you drifted with your dreams…

with your day’s work done.


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Morgan’s Pic Source: Beautiful Photograph By Luis Borges Alves

Drifting in rill of dreams with a friend who is as talented as Morgan can be an amazing experience…and let me tell you this collaboration was indeed amazing and so much more. Since we both have similar styles, i.e., we write about nature, dreams, love etc Morgan had come up with the idea of a collaboration…and coming from a great poet like herself I jumped on the wagon immediately. We both decided to go with the the theme of dreams and picked our own pictures to get some inspiration for our pieces, her image is at the top and mine is at the bottom, we wrote our own separate verses and then combined the verses as seen above.

Hence this piece was born, like a waking dream of two poets. The verses I believe went together perfectly! It was my first collaboration with another poet here at wordpress, other than the group collaborations I do, and to have it done with Morgan was a wonderful experience. If you are still unfamiliar with her blog I suggest you go there right now (! Her amazing gift of poetry will not only take you to wondrous places of imagination but keep you coming back for more! Thank you again Morgan for taking the initiative, I had a great time!

Hope you all enjoy reading our dreams as well!