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Spring Collaboration Reminder

To Anyone who may have missed the post, I have started a new Spring Collaboration and invite all creative minds…You can add both poetry or photography on Spring in the comment section and I will add it in order they come. Here is the link for more info :

Spring Collaboration

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Spring Songs

Feel the joy of Spring with the words of my friend Brad 🙂

writing to freedom

Spring Songsflowers, joy, poetry

take a walk with me

oh what sights we’ll see

daffodils, redbuds and tulips

bring smiles to my lips

~spring, joy, flowersspring, flowers, joy

the birds are singing

my heart is ringing

such glories abound

my gratitude profound


why do we wait for joy

we don’t have to be coy

choice is the key

for happiness to be


The first two photos are from my yard. Then next two are from our lovely downtown square where we have our farmers market which starts this weekend! It is easy to be joyful with the arrival of spring. Yet the gratitude in my heart reminds me that we can choose to be open and alive, singing with joy regardless of the season or circumstances. spring, joy, flowers

May your heart be joyful!

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A Bowl Full Of Random Words..

a beautiful poem by my friend Nimmi 🙂

Soul mate's - so near, yet so far

I’m wanting to write poetry
Oh! My love! You are my poetry
But, today when you are not around me
Words are not coming in my mind
So, I choose a bowl of random words
Words like happiness
Words like sadness
Words like love
Words like lost
All are there in my bowl
But the ultimate truth is
Poetry happens when you feel.

This was written for Essence of Reminiscence. This was the last prompt of the month and sorry Priya for being so late. The prompt word is Random.

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sweet and low

Some more lovely writing 🙂 ❤ Do check her out!



One by one,
the evening stars ignite,
torched by dusk’s retreat
into twilight.

The celestial lamplighter whistles,
sweet and low,
his lullabies to the evening stars
as he makes his way across the night’s sky.

Sweet and low,
he croons his twilight tune
as the stars hover,
ever closer,
to listen.

Come, take my hand,
we will race the stars
to the ridgetop
and sing his lullabies
to the moon,
sweet and low.

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