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Pet Peeves- What are yours?


This morning I was really peeved to see someone’s name spelled the wrong way… especially because this person who this wish was for had just passed away and it was a condolence message for the family. I realize, it happens but the error was quite big and it bothered me for a little while until I let it go. Anyway I thought I would share and ask you all about your pet peeves…Hoping to read some interesting comments! 🙂

oreo copyright neha 2015

oreo copyright neha 2015


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24 thoughts on “Pet Peeves- What are yours?

  1. Probably hearing people chew, or sudden loud noises, like when people drop something.

  2. I hate swearing! I really dont feel there is a need for it. Some people swear aa part of their natural language.

  3. Littering and not holding doors open for people – especially seniors.

  4. I hate rudeness ha! HATE it :))))

  5. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    My current peeve is how rough this transition is….using the highly recommended KASPERSKY!

  6. My biggest pet peeve is when someone says “But you look fine to me” Disabilities are not always visible.

  7. Fingernail biting. 😜

  8. Eating while talking on the phone …. Putting the toilet roll on the wrong way. 😉

  9. Pet Peeves, you ask. I’ve got a few of them. Rude drivers on the road, bad manners, rude & inconsiderate people, bad table manners, and people walking in front of my camera shoot. Farting at the dinner table!

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