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They said life was complicated

Complicated to decipher  between what was real and what laid in your mind

Mind that was this unique organ where you could fast forward or rewind

Rewind thoughts of the heart

Heart that laid distracted chasing musings

Musings that floated on the simple breeze

Breeze that you felt with the first and last light of the sun

Sun that peeked through the grey clouds of earth

Earth that rotated and revolved, a small planet of the huge universe

Universe that humbled you back to appreciating the simplicity of humanity.


poem copyright neha 2015 and image from google search

poem copyright neha 2015 and image from google search


Mindless Banter

Strings of invisible ribbons tie us to an ancient path of mindless banter…

rounded pebbles and cool water underneath our feet…

splashing us from echoes of swirls…

and carved scriptures and feathered inked dipped tips…

fog and sanity,

lost in the unknown places of the mind.

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015



a testament to true friendship by my dear friend Amy ❤ I cannot express how much this moved me and means to me 🙂 To love and friendship! 🙂 Feel Blessed! ❤

Highway to 5th Heaven


We are on this Journey
called Life together
to help another when in need,
to Love another no matter what,
to encourage another to lift up,
and to be a friend always.

(For Neha, Amanda, Marissa, and Kathryn)
Bless you for BEing in my Life!

Photography/ “Together” 2015©AmyRose


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