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Dusted memory

This is a beautiful tribute by Kim for her friend and I would love to share her beautiful writing with all of you! Do check out her blog! 🙂

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Perhaps it was only meant
to be spent
in the blinking of an eye
away it went
flying by.
star-dust gathers
like tears that fall unnoticed
riding the wind
yesterdays memory
crashing in.
I call out in the haze
of these passing crazy days
filled with thoughts of summer
of the sun
of life now done.
I can’t help but wonder
’bout that poison flowing through
the colored patterns
like needles sew
in and out
and then no more.
I wish for night
come crashing down
with pots overflowing
with star-dust covering
these memories fading
nothing remaining
a thought that flies
like a beacon unseen
by blinded eyes
a tale once told
thought only lies
now comes to light
with a rising sun
what is now
can no longer rest
As the mind unravels
finding peace within
to rise above
to begin

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Hummingbird #1

I have been a HUUUUGE fan of Laura’s photography and it is my pleasure to share her blog with all of you 🙂 She captures the world beautifully through her lens…Go check her out!

Laura Macky Photography

Ta da!  This is my very first hummingbird photo!  A few days ago I hung a feeder outside and it seems the little birds love it.  🙂  It was fun trying to capture them.

One of my camera club members recommended using a flash, however, I don’t own one.  He was going to explain all this at our next meeting Thursday.  It might be something I can get in the not-to-distant future.  Someone else suggested I get a real flower (one that hummingbirds like) and put it on top of the feeder with a tiny bit of sugar water on it.  By doing this I can (hopefully) capture the hummingbird with the flower in the shot instead of the feeder.   I thought that was so clever.  Maybe I will try that sometime.

If anyone has suggestions on how to take hummingbirds, I’d love to hear.  In the meantime…here’s the little guy….or girl…

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Silent Presences Linger

I have been enjoying Hanne’s beautiful photographs and poems from my early days here at wordpress! Go check out the beautiful blog for an amazing experience 🙂

Hanne T. Fisker Photography

2015-02-14 09.35.40

Silent presences linger
In a white veil of spray
Carrying many a tale untold
Of a far away yesterday

Time passes
Much is no more
Although a mark remains
Deep in the hearts core

Words written
A last black trace
Of moments lived
Of new moments to face

The tides are changing
The way of life
A gentle touch of a feather
Or the clear cut of a knife

A leap into a different blue
Soaring on quiet wings
In the space between heartbeats
A new tale begins


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Lost Appreciation

I have been following Christina for a while now and truly enjoy her meaningful poetry and posts! Do Check her out! 🙂

The Wordy Rose

Hot bubbles deep,
permeating, pulsing through
my veins.
The familiar hurt, betrayal
– rage stems from

Out on a limb to help,
to guide. Benefit of the doubt,
giving my all
to be a friend,
a teacher.

Advantages taken,
appreciation gone.
How quickly they
can turn.
Ethics lost,
nonexistent conscience.
Why Bother?

Hurt turns.
the lingering emotion.
Indifferent – no loyalties.

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Considering Simple Things (Haiku)

My friend Staci writes some beautiful poetry and thought provoking posts! Do Check out her blog 🙂

Considering Simple Things

So we’re into the busy Christmas season. The season of hustle and bustle. The season of spending and much consumerism. The above poem is just a little reminder to take a step back from it all and notice the simple things in nature, wonder and ordinary miracles.

How does the Christmas season make you feel? Do you find it tiring and exhausting? Do you enjoy time with friends and family? Do you get depressed? Many people do at this time of the year.

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