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Hummingbird #1


I have been a HUUUUGE fan of Laura’s photography and it is my pleasure to share her blog with all of you 🙂 She captures the world beautifully through her lens…Go check her out!

Laura Macky Photography

Ta da!  This is my very first hummingbird photo!  A few days ago I hung a feeder outside and it seems the little birds love it.  🙂  It was fun trying to capture them.

One of my camera club members recommended using a flash, however, I don’t own one.  He was going to explain all this at our next meeting Thursday.  It might be something I can get in the not-to-distant future.  Someone else suggested I get a real flower (one that hummingbirds like) and put it on top of the feeder with a tiny bit of sugar water on it.  By doing this I can (hopefully) capture the hummingbird with the flower in the shot instead of the feeder.   I thought that was so clever.  Maybe I will try that sometime.

If anyone has suggestions on how to take hummingbirds, I’d love to hear.  In the meantime…here’s the little guy….or girl…

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5 thoughts on “Hummingbird #1

  1. Thank you for sharing my blog and the Rufous Hummingbird. I really appreciate you liking what I do. :)))

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