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Life lessons that make you appreciate life and all the little gifts…check out my friend Kim’s beautiful blog 🙂

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

The whole of the day was spectacular.  Sun sparkled high in the blue of everywhere while a warm breeze lofted through the air, even blowing through my hair.  A splendid sort of day, one where convertibles peeked out of garages for the very first time.  And yet, only a few short moons before a picture postcard of another sort grabbed me by the hand, luring me out to play.

I remember fingers of ten pushing down keys, naturally lifting them up while I sat behind a keyboard of basic black.  Earlier, I woke with a horrible migraine headache, my own Chronic Condition.  I visit a neurologist regularly, keep a ‘headache diary’ and know that prescription medication must be swallowed at the earliest onset in order to keep the pain at bay.  Hoping it will go away.

Hours before, rain had drizzled from the sky of night, dazzling the pavers of…

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My friend Mikial is an amazing artist and a poet…Do check out his beautiful work! 🙂

I Am Whatever I Choose To Become

Copyright Nov 2014  All rights reserved. No Copying allowed. Copyright Nov 2014
All rights reserved.
No Copying allowed.

Brilliant red of a softness so true
Delicate delight of unbound clouds of heaven
Soothing sounds of angelic beings with not a care
Seeing beyond the veil into a face called love.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Feb 2015
All rights reserved.

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new poems and more…

I am a big fan of Laura’s poetry…her language will touch your heart 🙂 Do check out her blog!

The Ark of Identity


the dancer, bereft of vision
manipulates the earth
with the movements of her feet
coaxes breezes from sullen
skies, entices enormous clouds
with pouting lips to kiss
the needles of the evergreens

the best kiss is the most
sincere, it must be offered
without haste, it must choose
to take a shape, a frozen
filigree, unique, a snowflake
held a moment on a branch,
then melting

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014

and still more gratitude… Marc Neys made a poem-film from “Facing the Wall” which is archived here at The Poetry Storehouse…you can watch the film (Invisible) here, and…

Jutta Pryor took the second part of my poem “Frequencies” (which you can read below), and created a poem-film using music from Masonik Arts — you can watch Jutta’s film “Ghost” here. (This collaborative beauty originated in POOL.)


response to Frequencies (Synthetic Variations)(, a…

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The Bridge

Check our my friend Kanzen’s beautiful words in her wonderful blog! 🙂

kanzen sakura

copyright kanzensakura March Sun copyright kanzensakura
March Sun

March is the bridge
Between winter and spring.

On one side snows and cold winds blow,
Winds tear branches from trees
And steals kites, seizing them
Never to be seen again.
March skies may be blue
But the Sun residing there
Is a miser with its warmth.
Grass is crushed
From the weight of long lived snow
And sparrows’ songs are hushed.
On that side of the bridge
March is a ravening lion
Devouring hope with grinning mouth.

The other side whispers tales
Of breezes playing games with
Kites and sparrows in the
Bright blue skies,
Running races with drifting clouds
And rippling grass that no longer sleeps.
Truthful Sun tells no lies
And flings her gold coin warmth to all
Who hold out their hands.
On this side of the Bridge
March gambols like a lamb
Teasing us to follow –
Catch me if you can!

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Phen’s poetry is thought provoking and full of emotions that will move you. Do check out his wonderful blog!

Darkness Warmth Poetry

water fell from cut down hearts,
chopped down delerium of naked starts,

hewed hopes and empty hallucinations
where we demolish torn down stations,

and all the dead sycamores, lined in a row,
were promised deep roots to bestow

their wildest introvert lullibies
upon stormclouds of reticent skies,

and from the canopy, each hacked down level,
razed between cacophany and devil,

were there reasons to fall apart
in summer downpours and atriums of the heart?

Poem © Phen Weston 2015

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