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Lie under the moon…

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In quiet nights

when the heart rains

with cloud of grief

we know as pain

silently falling

against the mind

and no space

is enough to hide

you know

cause you have tried

so you just lie

under the moon

and drift with the tune

of the heart

as it rains.

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Contemplations of the quiet mind

Contemplations of the quiet mind…

as it slowly rewinds

the cascading waves

of thoughts

falling in an infinite abyss

of feelings

that drift in your eyes

floating in the skies

of everlasting dreams

drifting with the winds

of dark storms

looming at the edge of the sea

as you fly free

in the pouring rain

of the subdued pain

of the world

floating gently

with the contemplations…

of the quiet mind.

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015


Night’s Muse

The quiet night stretches leisurely,

waking slowly from morning dreams,

It leans on the stars and greets the moon,

Stretching out, on its beam…


Above the silent open fields,

it sits on bale of hay,

peaking through the windows…

watching you sleep,

waiting for the light of day.

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