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Let Fly

February Blog Rec: Photography and Poetry- Check out this wonderfully talented blogger!

Dan Frugalberg

Follow down that windy path, let loose, your spirit be,

Feel its to and fro-ing, how wondrous, light and free.

Our feet, so faintly threading, afloat this airy sea,

Sweeping out to faraway, let fly, just you and me.

~ D.F.

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Unabridged Love

February Blog Rec: Poetry- Check out this wonderful writer!

sheetal sharma

In a sore lament
I say “Canst thou be dead”
Love is doing a kindness
Without expecting to expect
anything in return.

I sigh,I weep
I conceal my tender weakness
to my beloved soul.

My pride was my downfall,
I was so wrong,
Half a person in your absence,
I hear a symphony of a different tone.

My forgiveness and reconciliation
are in the corner of vanity,
perhaps an answer to my prayer.

Praying like a pagan
in the crypt I found peace
before it was too late.

My Heaven and Hell are the same..
beside you I stay my Unabridged Love

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My Summer Rain

February Blog Recommendation: Poetry Do Check it out!

Love at my 40´s

My summer rain
Unexpected drops
Over me
On this desert
so dried up

Let the drops mix with ones from my eyes
So that all will flow down

Let the breez blow on me
Feeling cool and relief
So that all will be to forget

Let the drops dry over
So that the everything would be the past

The dews from the sky
The gift from the god

Breathed into me
The Marguerite Duras
From deep inside of me

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