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December 2014 Blog Recommendations

Hello my Beautiful Readers,

Hope 2015 has been treating you all well so far…As promised here are my recommended blog for December and I guess the last one for 2014! Thank you to all those who took time to nominate fellow bloggers, they have all been listed along with my own recs.  Please check out previous recommendations under the recommendation category…and look out for monthly recommendations this year. As always, nominations are most welcome. Now Please enjoy these wonderful blogs listed below that have captured my heart with their beautiful posts and talent! They are in no particular order but each come highly recommended from the heart ❤ ❤

Poetry and Stories

( These beautiful poets and writers know how to touch your soul with their wonderful words)


Lifestyle & Inspiration

(These wonderful bloggers inspire you with each post…be it a post on nature, life, or anything else that matter to the heart and mind)



(These marvellous photographers will leave you saying ” wow” at their ability to capture the world )


Stay Tuned For More Recommendations for this year for each month and have a wonderful 2015! 🙂 🙂