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Summer’s End

As summer officially comes to an end today, thought I would repost this. Please click on original, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


It came


like ย a gentle breeze

in the crimson sky

that touched the leaves

with a drop of red

like sweet whispers

walking on cool sand

of memories built

in little tokens

as we watch the green fade

and the petals fall

on the meadows forgotten

paying tribute,

to summerโ€™s end.


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Courtyard of your dreams

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In the courtyard of your dreams,

where eyelashes leisurely stretch,

as the eyes look up to the sky,

getting lost in the endless stretch,

of blue.

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Pondering minds of ancient souls,

Drift away in what nature holds,

For itโ€™s both the questions and the answers told,

to the heart.

Pondering hearts of you and I,

lay staring at the infinite sky,

In pouring rain and sunshine,

in the cool breeze of our love.


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Tattered pages

of forgotten musings


like clouds

in the mind

pulling on the heartstrings.

copyright neha2014 sky and highway

copyright neha2014 sky and highway


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15 More Days – Calling all poets/bloggers/creative minds at the autumn collaboration

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Hi Everyone,


Only 15 more days to go till the collaboration ends…So get in your contributions if you wish to add ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to reading some lovely works of fall…


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Thank you & Kind Regards,