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Brazil’s Having A Bad Day


Yea you can say that again! haha Think I have to say good bye to the team I have been supporting after this match…on a brighter note, amazing job Germany!

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17 thoughts on “Brazil’s Having A Bad Day

  1. Final Score Germany 7 and Brazil 1. Looking forward to the match tomorrow between Argentina and Netherlands 🙂

  2. Just goes to show, when it comes to sports, nothing is ever set in stone. Doesn’t matter what sort of powerhouse a team is, or their legacy, or they are the host team, or even if some of this WC was fixed…. Anyone can win. I feel bad for Brazil – let’s just hope the they accept defeat gracefully and graciously. I mean this is only a sport right?

  3. Just glad that I am in Canada rifht now. Seems like riots broke out. I knew they would. 😦

    • Yes it was a bad situation overall and we can see missing those two made a huge difference, as a Brazil supporter I was devastated, but the German team was outstanding!

    • and yes I am glad you are here too 🙂 hope no one got hurt in those! ❤

      • Awwwwww, thanks Neha. We’ll be here for just another week. 🙂 I have to confess though that I am looking forward to getting back to my home, schedule, less stress, and yes, to blogging regularly.
        Yea, I just don’t want to see what will happen if Argentina wins. There will be serious riots if that happens.
        Thanks Neha.

      • aww well enjoy your last week here and have a safe trip back! 🙂 I look forward to all the posts you are going to write 🙂

  4. yaa still neimer and desilva just watch germany every player played their work that matters most in any sport.i think all other teams can take a lesson from i fear argentina is gonna be next victim.but in messy i trust 🙂

  5. yea… it was a bad day for Brazils…

  6. I picked Germany from the beginning and was doubtful of Brazil from the start with all those squeak-by 1 goal wins. But 5 goals in 30 minutes?!?!? I hope the police are guarding the Brazilian player’s hotels right now…

  7. Looks like luck is with argentina.who knows messy might hold the world cup 🙂

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