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Calling all creative minds/poets – In The Sunshine of Summer Time

Hi Everyone, I thought I would start a summer collaboration that will be open for the months of July and August and close on September 1st, 2014! This is the longest duration I have ever had a collaboration open so I really hope a lot of you will participate…tap on to those summer memories, emotions and feelings… Just like the ones before, you can add your contribution under comments and I will place them in the order they come. I will put the name of the contributor at the end of the piece in the same colour as their contribution and the names will be in the same order as well. Please be patient with me on updating, as some days I may not get to be online during these months as previously noted but if you leave it in the comment I will make sure it has been added. Thank you everyone and I look forward to another fun adventure with you all! As usual, I have started it off below 🙂 Image

Cool breeze on a summer day,

makes my mind drift away,

travelling on sunshine…


Evening breeze

on a moonless night

wafting about

teasing my skin

with its soft caresses

so temperate

so beguiling

intimated itself

into my very being

charmed my soul

out of my unsuspecting body

carried me into the ethers

across the star-lit globe

met the dawn

nestled among the magenta clouds

on rising gusts

gushed across the wide open spaces

encountered the forests

wind in the trees

felt the rustle of leaves

like the rushing of waters

in my fluttering heart


Summer Sunday


As the sun sets

boys and girls

and men and women

reach for every last moment

on Sunday night


Frisbees flying, wheels spinning

longing for daylight

more hours of play

till darkness decides


The gentle breeze

sound of laughter and delight

smell of hickory pink, orange,

purple to blue

Time to grow up


As heavenly breeze dances freely

Light of tender joy echo deeply within the sun

Illuminating souls with its blush



The Summertime Kiss


Summertime air so hot and so thick

Even the dog makes an effort to lick

The ice cold water in a cool metal dish

Winter weather is now for what we all wish


The evening is different, the sun has gone down

The air has cooled off, we’re no longer drowned

From the sweat dripping over us, a constant admonition

The summer is here, we need air condition.


But that evening breeze, and the beauty it carries

Makes me relax and think of picking strawberries

Picking them out in a large open field

Line after line, and no need to yield.


There are berries aplenty

No need to hoard

Just fill up our buckets

And thank the good Lord


For providing us with such a bountiful crop

Making cakes and desserts all day, non stop.

Full bellies at bedtime, and hearts full of bliss

It is summertime magic that brings us this kiss


Winter brings havoc with ice and heavy snow

But summer brings magic that makes us all glow

Whether sun tanned or happy, smiles abound

Summer time brings a certain joy to the town


We stay up much later and play in the dark,

We catch lightning bugs down the road at the park

We spend hours outside in the pool swimming

Then hours of rest to wake up and persist in


Another day in the sun, a day filled with fun

A day to just play but to remember the one

The one thing that summer returns with each year

Is the summertime kiss filled with play and good cheer!!


stop a moment

be still

close eyes



how you are



close in

the warm arms

of sunlight



the breeze



push back

the strands

of hair


that have

strayed across

your face


just feel




Strike of the ball

Hit of the bat

Splash of the wave

Tip of the hat




Tip e toe, tip e toe

Through the grass



Hot hot, slip slop slap

Tickle laugh, run now play


Deeper deeper just a bit more

Oh no big wave up on the shore

Laugh, splash, castles no more


Sticky sticky all over my hand

Oh no yuck covered in sand


Tip tip you are it

Run run laugh in the sun


Engine humming heads bobbing

Almost bit my tongue


Loving the beach in summertime

When I was very young

Don’t look at me

I’m sorry but I can’t show you that piece of me

I like to keep it hidden

Far away from the roving eyes that would devour me


Don’t look at me

I keep everything I need on the other side

So you can’t see it

I show you what I want you to see

And I keep the rest tucked over here


I keep it for me

Selfish you say?

Preservation I think

I give you the pieces I think you’ll keep safe

And the rest is mine to protect


Maybe someday….


Remind me

of these days

when I lose my way

and begin to cling

a little too tightly.

Remind me again,

in your gentle way,

of the breeze

and of the stillness

of my heart.


In the north where the sun won’t set,

You’re awake all night,

but not due to regret

Here, where no trees can grow

Endless landscapes wherever you go

What you see is like your mind

Flat but rocky, and with plenty to find

And what if you’d take one step too far?

You will end up stalled, like an abandoned car


Summer lakes,

Blue rivers of July,

Strong, peaceful,

august oceans,

May my soul swim once again

In your refreshing lapping light!



High pitched giggles in the summer rain

Trying to catch a floating paper airplane

Games of hide and seek and lightning bugs

Kisses on boos-boos and mother hugs

Childhood is only a memory away

When life was all about love and play



Release reset

Leased we forget

Facing the sunset


Arms swept open

Sensations awoken

Breezes in from the ocean


Vision so golden

Shimmering unspoken

Sends loving devotion

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 Cnawan Fahey ,

 Jennifer Fifield Porter,

 Zara , 

kate ( 

Laura M Kaminski  ,

BrettsFuture (,


In the Stillness… Laurie’s Gentle Healing Notes 


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On June 29th, I completed six months of blogging here on forgottenmeadows. It feels like yesterday since I composed that first post, and waited with anticipation for a response…here we are more than half way through the year already… My stats tell me I have received 20,547 views, 918 subscribers…those are great numbers, but what they don’t tell you is how happy I feel when I my work connects with my viewers and how much I appreciate each and everyone of one of you! Thank you so much for all your likes, comments and encouragement, I am blessed to have gained such a supportive group of friends in this blogging community, and I hope I continue to get your support as I go forward in this journey 🙂 




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I lay on sunshine mesmerized,

of the love between you and I,

which eternally connects our souls,

as one.


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