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Genuine Gems

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Belsbor, is truly a gem , stay tuned for my VBT tonight 🙂


I am no jeweler. I do not possess a legal certificate to be one or the trained eye to notice the roughs and imperfections of soon-to-be-polished wonders. All I know is that they are the real items, not synthetic copies from something original.

Marlyn of Kintal is one of them. Creating impressions with art and verses is a passion she ably put to good use. Inspire and motivate, she continues to produce works of beauty we are free to admire.

When she introduced me to the Virtual Blog Tour, I readily accepted to take part. For me, it is chance to explore other bloggers’ minds where ideas give birth to form and substance before they are offered to readers in the blogsphere.

Without further ado, meet three other gems in the WordPress collection of thousands. Check them out for yourself and you will not leave their sites empty-handed. 🙂


If there is a female Jack of all trades, she is Kanzen Sakura. Nope, she is not your typical superwoman but she can fly, not literally of course. When…

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I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

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