thoughts from my mind to yours



Barriers fall,

in the dark abyss,

of foregone expectations.


moonless night


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Let me…



Let me learn…

all there is to learn,

the known,


and everything in between.


Let me see…

the good,

in people,

but remember,

how bad,

can be…

Let me be strong…

to face anything,

life throws at me.


Let me feel thankful…

even when I am feeling low,

for I still have breaths to live,

to turn around this sorrow.


Let me be kind and understanding…

let compassion guide me,

let me always remember where I am standing,

and that, I am free.


Let me seek knowledge…

and shun ignorance,

spread happiness around me,

let me embrace love,

and never lose hope,

let me be…



So it is Friday June 13th and it is a full moon…something that will not occur till 2049! —Time for the Angel Award ? :)

I know I have been very slow about this but I really really really appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to nominate me for an award! Since I don’t do these posts as often as I should or as quickly as I should I thought this would be an appropriate title 😉 …I will start backward and work my way slowly…it won’t all be today and probably not all that soon but it is a start. 🙂

Today I want to start with my most recent award nomination – The Angel Award, presented to be by the lovely Lorie Bowden. If you haven’t check out her wonderful blog already, please do as you are missing out on some beautiful writing that will uplift your heart. Thank you again Lorrie for the honour!



So the rules of the award are as listed by Lorrie:

1).  The nominee shall display the Angel Award Logo on his/her blog.

2).  The nominee shall nominate ten (10) other blogs/bloggers to bestow the award to and link to their blogs and inform them about it!

Here are my list of nominees :

1.) The inscrutable paths of the spirit


3.) Bookgirl

4.) Annette Rochelle Aben

5.) Original-Dante

6.) Belsbror

7.) Ramblings from Jewels

8.) I lost my lens cap

9.) Writing to Freedom

10.) iiThinks


To All Nominees, there is no rush on accepting awards. Also if you do not accept awards or have this award already, there is no need to do anything,  know that you will always be recognized as being deserving by me 🙂 . Thank you!






walking on the cool wet green,

after rain…

With the cool breeze,

from the trees,

you breathe,

the fresh air…

As the clouds drift free,

in the sky,

you rest,

your eyes…



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