thoughts from my mind to yours

Azure Penstemon


Your tired mind drifts in the daydreams…

of azure penstemon blooming in the woods,

in a faded memory of a lost time…

but in your heart,

for that moment,

you see that magical blue,

as it blooms,

like it did…

that day.



Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

13 thoughts on “Azure Penstemon

  1. I love this Neha! And I can feel this poem! I am doing a lot of dreaming nowadays! 🙂 I have been having a spell of fatigue lately, and have needed to energize myself with dreams 🙂

  2. Drifting away into an azure dream… Great poem Neha! 🙂

  3. Lost in your smooth flowing words, thank you Neha:)

  4. Very wistful and nice–lovely little blue flowers too.

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