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Calling All Poets/Creative Minds – By the window

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would do a collaboration with you all…  Or you can also use it as a prompt if you want  for your own piece. If you wish to add to this piece please leave your part in the comment section. I will keep it open for three days and I will add whatever I get in the order I get them to the poem. If I don’t get anything this will be a stand alone but I hope some of you will give it a try 🙂

Update: I got some contributors yay! I will keep adding the contributions in different colours and list the name of each contributor ( in the same colour as their contribution)at the bottom of the piece.  I am absolutely loving how this is going so far…will update as I get more up to the third day! 🙂 🙂 Thank you all!


Your naive  heart,

flutter with the leaves,

waiting for rain,

by the window…


waiting for the gentle beat,

that sets your eager soul free,

to dance along,

by the window


By the window

watching gray clouds

coalesce with promise

rain to slake our thirst


The smell of dampness strong,

among the broken vessels

that lay weeping

sorrowfully against window’s pane


A rain long in its absence

Waits a few moments more

To tease the naivete out

And let longing take its place

By the window


Cracked glass,

but Incantation

Bonds the lens

Turns spidery veins

To condensation


Your shadow-self

Flittering silver

In reflection…


Raindrops clear as diamonds

calling for attention

rapping at your window,

and wait.


A reflection of a former you

Thoughts of what’s outside

Rain-patient, lucid inflection

Naivety reigns, still I watch


Distant clouds beckon,

A love to be renewed,

Waiting in the arms of silence,

By the window


Thunderous power spent

leaving rainbows in its wake

I feel the calm after the storm

as I live and breathe

by the window


Brilliant colors bloom

scenting your skin with sunsets

Gloaming nears, eyes alight

waiting to throw open the window


Dare I stay

A little longer

In the stillness

Between there and here.


Rushed by a spirited wind

my soul calls out to the clouds.


this window pain

in patience waits

for rain to bring clarity

to this window pane



Electrified by a sudden desire

Halcyon sun on the horizon

And the slow promise of the Night


By the window

Yearning for the rainbow

The sky’s very own

Vision of artistry



By the window

my imagination

flies free

more expansive

than the


fits inside my


It frolics in


dances with

dust motes

leaping between


to plunge in


on any given


by the window 


There’s only me

By the window

Waiting for

My heart’s shadow

To escape

Through my soul’s door


And when, in time, I take my leave

a snapshot of love will come with me

for in my heart all want is gone

my freed soul waits for none


Contributors: Me (Neha), Annette Rochelle Aben, M. Zane McClellan, sporterhall, the landline blog, AKD, Starralee, avian101, Johny Ojanpera, julianmettaM. Zane McClellan, avixenatgloaming,   In the Stillness… Laurie’s Gentle Healing Notes, winterdandelionOwlbertFrédéric G. MartinOriginal-Dante,M. Zane McClellan,reginadee2014,bluerock {aka debrazone}