thoughts from my mind to yours


Liberation of the mind

In the darkest of night,

when the stars were hard to find…

I found,

my liberated mind…

free in the dark,

and free in the light…

free to jump,

to reach new heights….

free to cry,

and free to smile…

and free,

to ponder for a while….

the love I hold for you,

in this liberated mind.

moonless night


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I finally figured out how to do the twitter widget thing…so you can now follow me on twitter right from my home page!  🙂 Just thought I would share!

If you are already following me—THANK YOU! 🙂


PS: For other twitter challenged bloggers like me, if you want to know how to do add the widget to your home page, just ask me in your comments and I can tell you step by step 🙂


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