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Comments going in Spam Folder – Rant


So I just read a post by Al over at A mixed bag about wordpress acting weird…Given, the problems listed in the comments I decided to double check my spam folder and lo and behold some comments from my regular readers had gone in there! So if any of you were wondering why I have not responded or why your comment was not showing up on my page well…now you know! – NOT COOL WORDPRESS…NOT COOL! 


PS: I have now made sure I have sorted that folder properly and from now on will check it more frequently.

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31 thoughts on “Comments going in Spam Folder – Rant

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll check also. Sorry that happened to ya.

  2. I have gotten this a few times myself, and a few other oddities like to day, one viewr has viewed my blog more than a 100 times from three different countries. So cool whoever you are, Canada, to the U.S, then France. That’s a dedicated reader 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Several glitches every day on wordpress – for example, several blogs that are supposed to appear in my reader don’t show at all

  4. Darth Vader approaching …??? 😀

  5. Oh no…I’m going to check mine too. And while we’re ranting…I painstakingly like things and then the likes don’t show up! That is sooo annoying.

  6. Oh wow, I better check my spam folder!

  7. Once in a while, WP has a few hiccups, but considering the volume of sites it hosts, the uptime and overall dependability of the system is fantastic. There is one item I so wish WP would change though…

    • That is true…I was just a bit upset when I saw that first thing in the morning, especially because I never would have known if I hadn’t read Al’s post, also the fact of it being comments from regular users who comment on almost every post…anyway, what is that one item?

      • The one item is that WP seems to refuse making possible the removal of what I term Disingenuous followers. My follow count is only 500 or so.

        Truth is, many of those are just Like Spammers. Are you aware of Like spam? Look it up.

        My follower count would be much less if I could remove the fake ones. I have contacted WP several times on this, every time I get the same old response.

        Not unlike how a politician slides around answering a question.

      • I am aware of the fb like spam but I was not aware of the word press one, though I know there are some spam websites that are in my so called ‘followers’, I have not investigated their websites further in fear of having my computer hacked or worse haha .

      • I don’t see as much of the Like Spam recently, but if you watch the avatars who Like your posts, you will note a pattern. Some are like regulars, but if you follow the avatar link, they almost always link back to a business site.

        It’s all about making a profit, and getting higher search rank. At your expense. I have told WP that I believe WP is guilty by default of aiding the spam community because of this simple fact – WP will not provide site owners the capability to remove followers or Likes.

        This has almost drove me off of WP a few times recently.

      • O yes, I have had some of those and yes that is frustrating as you feel used.

  8. wow! now this! the gaps in the reader with missing posts is now occuring daily!

    • Yes, I have had the reader problem as well! I have not lodged an official complaint yet but does not seem like it helps much given the responses haha. I understand it is a huge volume but when something likes this happens a little action or even a reply is appreciated.

  9. “I have contacted WP several times on this, every time I get the same old response.
    Not unlike how a politician slides around answering a question.”
    Absolutely how they respond with no intention to actually fix anything. Terrible customer service~

  10. I have had followers that I follow them, go into my ‘needing approval’ file. Not too many land in Spam, though. Sorry about this and wish it would go so much smoother for all of us!

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