thoughts from my mind to yours


Without words

The birds flew over the sunshine,

that sparkled on the lake,

as I held your hands in mine,

with my heart for you to take,

and we smiled at this moment,

which words didn’t bother to break,

loving with our eyes.







My heart lets out a sigh,

as I watch the seasons pass by,

in the light, that shines in your eyes,

and I am left thanking the skies,

for giving me forever,

with you.

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Comments going in Spam Folder – Rant

So I just read a post by Al over at A mixed bag about wordpress acting weird…Given, the problems listed in the comments I decided to double check my spam folder and lo and behold some comments from my regular readers had gone in there! So if any of you were wondering why I have not responded or why your comment was not showing up on my page well…now you know! – NOT COOL WORDPRESS…NOT COOL! 


PS: I have now made sure I have sorted that folder properly and from now on will check it more frequently.