thoughts from my mind to yours


Drifting Minds

I take a sip,

of the alluring skies,

With my tired eyes,

and my mind drifts…

way up high,

as I sigh,

on the painted colours of sunset…

I take sip.





In the comforts of a lazy Sunday afternoon,

you ask all your whys

to the clear blue sky,

as you ponder laying on the green grass,

on the nothings and everything,

of life.



Happy Mother’s Day!

Since my first wobbly steps,

you were there to catch my fall,

Holding me every time,

Till the day I learnt to stand tall,

on my own two feet.


Even now, on my dark days,

when I tend to stumble my way,

you are there with open arms,

for  my heart to lay,

on yours.


There have been days,

where I have seen the sky as red,

and you have seen it as blue,

but never has it changed the love,

between me and you.


So though I know,

I don’t often show,

in too many words…

I thank you,

for being the best mother there is,

in this whole wide world…

I love you.


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