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Weekly Blog Recommendations – Poetry List 2


Hi Everyone, as mentioned before from this weekend on I will be recommending bloggers from different fields every weekend. Here were the previous lists: Weekly Blog Recommendations – Poetry List 1 , Weekly Blog Recommendations – Photography List 1. You can check out some awesome bloggers in those list.

Here is the second list of poetry bloggers for this weekend, more will follow soon , so stay tuned!

1.) Morgan


I am inspired by the variety and beauty of Morgan’s poetry everyday. I highly recommend her blog to everyone searching for the beauty in words. She is a wonderful blogger and I admire her greatly. Here is a sample of her work:

Breathe In Me

I Close my Weary Eyes
And Sigh
I Rest my Breath Upon
Your Bosom
I Exhale Chaos
And All the Chaff in me,
With its jagged and lacerating edges.

Sweet and Softly Deep
Quiet and Gently Free
Tenderly Whispering Love
To Touch You High Above

I Sing in Concert with the Blissful Night
In the Boundless Halls of the Echoing Palace
Of All Your Beauty, Bedecked and Glimmering
Phantasm and Mystery for me to See.

Breath of Heaven
Breathe in Me
Sing Past All my Calamity
Rest in Me and Set me Free.


2.) M. Zane Mcllelan

Poetry Channel

I truly enjoy the work of Michael and definitely recommend him to all my readers. I admire how different each of his pieces are from another and the meaning behind them. Do check him out for some beautiful poetry. Here is a sample piece of his work:


Diapers to diplomas

Cool early morning, I can see my breath,
suspended before my eyes, the cloudlets.
Wait for the school bus, my daughter and I.
To keep warm and pass time, we play “I spy.”
“I spy with my little eye,” her voice sings!
My heart is smiling from the joy this brings.
She manages to stump me every time,
with castles in clouds, memories divine.
A couple of decades now come and gone,
with a diploma, soon out on her own.
Like parents before, I wonder sometimes,
out in the world, what future she will find.
Did I do my best, teach her to prepare,
to be successful and happy out there?
Hoping she’s able to make herself proud.
Diapers to Diplomas, castles in clouds.


3.) Belinda


Belinda is a beautiful soul who blogs on a variety of topics, and though she has both photographs and poetry, I thought of her when I chose this category. I would definitely recommend her work to all my readers for inspiration and to get to know a wonderful blogger who spreads positive messages through her blog…Here is a sample piece:


Crinkled paper
Held by
Crinkled hands

Ink fading
Though steadfast
It stands

The story
Is stored
Memory remains

Her love
On paper
Beautiful stains

Time flew
Empty nest
Partner gone

He awaits
His wings
Not long


4.) Richard Tanka


Richard’s was one of the first blogs I started following and have been truly inspired by his writing…I highly recommend his work, his poetry has depth that I know readers will enjoy following. Here is a sample of his work:


We danced and twirled
Before the moon,
Two souls
Captured in luminance
Beneath an eternal veil
Of glistening dreams.
You smiled,
My breath caught,
And I knew
My life complete,
A moment unsurpassable.
Then, you opened your eyes,
And I knew,
I was wrong.

5.) Starralee

Madwoman of Ghost Harbor

I have just discovered her blog though she has been on wordpress much longer than me. Regardless, I am absolutely delighted to have found her…Her poetry is beautiful and I highly recommend what I have read so far…Here is a piece for you to enjoy:

Night Sounds

Night sounds, darkness lifts—

Old wall clock whisper-ticks;

Evening birds, soft song-speak;

Frogs love-calling—neighborhood creek.

***Note to any bloggers featured in these weekly posts, if you wish for me to remove your name from this list due to any reason please let me know, and I will do so. Also all of the excerpts featured are the works of the bloggers listed, they  each own the copyrights to their own piece and it is not my intention to take credit for it in anyway, hope that is clear to all readers. This is just my effort to appreciate good work. If any bloggers feel that their work has not been properly credited or should not be on the list let me know and I shall remove it. Again thank you all for sharing your beautiful work 🙂

Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Recommendations – Poetry List 2

  1. Thank you. Very nice list.

  2. Thank you so much, it’s wonderful to be listed with Richard!

  3. I really don’t know what to say. I’m so deeply touched and moved by your constant support and the kindness of this gesture, words elude me. I send a warm embrace and much love. You are a very kind soul, beautiful.

  4. I should like to Thank You my dear friend for such a delightful and surprising honour! It is a marvelous idea you have going on here, to share others blogs in recommendation. I could not hope to be in better company and am thoroughly grateful.

    Thank You Ever So ~ Blessings of Renewal and Joy~

  5. Great list, all great work!!

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