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19 thoughts on “Finding Hope

  1. Thanks for the ad! I love today’s micropoetry, every morning brings with it a promise of renewal. =)

  2. Neha! How glorious and soul stirring! This “gold” I just want to melt into and your words…oh Luv, they are from heaven. Thank you!! xx

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    please click on original 🙂

  4. simple, delicate, Ever so True 🙂

    Blessings for a Sweet Today and Harmonious Tomorrow ~

  5. Dawn of hope!! 🙂 Yaaay!! 🙂 Our poems have twin-souls! 🙂

  6. Again, a great little truism. A new dawn of hope and a new day to rebuild my worries, only to wipe them clean at the end of the day. I should try to share more of your optimism.

  7. Looks kinda blurry some days.

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