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Catching the last light


Feeling the water cool down at your feet,

you see the white sand turn grey.

As you sit by the ocean,

Catching the last light of the day.


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Old Poetry: Keeping Hope



In Happy times
you want to lock it away
throw away the key
so forever it will stay

Laughter rings
And you bask in the smiles
You just wish
it would last a while

You hear echoes
No you don’t want them back
the cries take away everything
but it’s hope they lack

The key
yes you look for the key you have thrown away
you are strong, you tell yourself
and you will find your way

It’s in you, you realize
the laughter and the smiles
they are not far away
cause keeping hope
will make them stay
with each heartbeat

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Sunshine Award!

sunshine award

Guess March is the month for awards :)…I would like to thank BELSBROR who nominated me for this wonderful award. Thank you Very Much! To Accept this award I have to select 10 nominees and write 10 facts about myself. As this award symbolizes inspiration and positivity, here are a few bloggers who spreads this message in their blogs :). All of you make me smile.  These are in no particular order and if I could, I would add a lot more to the list. Also note I try to select, different bloggers than I have previously for other awards, just so I can nominate more of you in different things :).

My Nominees are:

White Roses and Lillies

An ever changing Writer I am


The Chia Pet Circus



Sea of Desire


Shawn L Bird

Lady Fi

Now 10 more facts about Moi:

1.) I like the colour of fall

2.) I enjoy observing interactions between people, think it is the writer in me.

3.) I like travelling and learning about new cultures.

4.) I am an early riser but I think I wake up way too fast, like I am up and about as soon as my eyes open.

5.) I do not like dog owners who leave their dogs out in the cold for too long during winter. I usually keep a watch.

6.) I am obsessed with pens and do not like sharing them. And I mean it. 😉

7.) I can trip on thin air.

8.) I am a multi tasker.

9.) My better half made me my own personal scroll, which I love:)

10.) I do not like closed or constricted spaces.

Alright, that took a while to think of all that haha. If you would like to display this award, please follow the same steps I did, i.e 10 facts about yourself, 10 nominees, and let the nominees know that they have been recognized. Hope you all have a great week full of sunshine :).


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Three Key Tips To Succeed On Your Next Telephone Interview!!!

Branded World

In this job market, getting an interview is tough; however, once you land that first telephone interview, here are three key tips that can help you succeed to the next step!


RESEARCH the company thoroughly PRIOR to the interview. A lot of times one may think that as they have the computer at their disposal, prior research is not necessary because they can just google  the information as the interview progresses…DO NOT get into this habit…Most recruiters are seasoned enough to detect a well researched answer than someone reading off a couple lines from the website (They interview people all the time!). Besides, you want to stand apart from the crowd and impress them with how much you know about their company, performance, products etc. Recruiter and Hiring Managers always appreciate a candidate who has taken the time to know more about the company. It gives them an…

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