thoughts from my mind to yours


Grandma’s Bedtime Stories

I fall asleep,

drifting away,

to the time of magic,

in my favourite bedtime stories,

by grandma.

cool fall



Air balloon of our dreams

Air balloon of our dreams,


with the beat of our hearts,

yours and mine,

without any directions or destinations,

it keeps flying,

past all barriers,

in the cosmos.



Versatile Blogger Award!


I would like to thank Alecia Writes for nominating me for this award! Thank you so much Alecia! I apologize for the late response,  being new to word press I didn’t quite know what to do when I was nominated a month ago. Haha…But now that I have figured it out…Here we go… So for being nominated for this award, I have to state seven facts about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy.

Seven (RANDOM) Facts About Me:

1.) I am left handed

2.) My better half is also left handed 🙂

3.) I love stationary

4.) I hope to write and publish my book soon

5.) I have a very good memory, but it can sometimes be very selective about what it remembers…most times I remember the odd facts in conversations, and forget the rest. Haha

6.) I am inspired by good writing and art.

7.) I like being happy and spreading happiness

Now for my nominations… I have met a huge number of bloggers whose work I have liked in this short period of a month that I have been here, but here are 15 for the purpose of this award 🙂 . Congratulations to All of You! If You would like to display the blog you just need to do the same as above, i.e. state seven facts about yourself and nominate fifteen others whose work you enjoy reading.

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Hope you guys all have a great Day!