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Old Poetry: Keeping Hope





In Happy times
you want to lock it away
throw away the key
so forever it will stay

Laughter rings
And you bask in the smiles
You just wish
it would last a while

You hear echoes
No you don’t want them back
the cries take away everything
but it’s hope they lack

The key
yes you look for the key you have thrown away
you are strong, you tell yourself
and you will find your way

It’s in you, you realize
the laughter and the smiles
they are not far away
cause keeping hope
will make them stay
with each heartbeat

Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

3 thoughts on “Old Poetry: Keeping Hope

  1. this is very uplifting. very nice.

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