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I was once that faraway traveller…


I was once that faraway traveller,

Walking miles through distant lands,

I was once that hopeful dreamer,

Holding imagination in my hands…

I was once that summer breeze,

I was once that wild storm,

I was once that sun kissed sky,

And I once knew, where I was from…

now my home, lies in your heart.


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Butterfly Whispers

Cause I want summer to come soon 🙂 …


butterfly whispers

Wandering past the windswept meadows …
she felt as though she was floating on a cloud…
the smell of sunshine awoke her senses…
she saw every colour and heard every sound…
And In the midst of it all she felt the little tingles,
that touched her from head to toe…
She closed her eyes and heard butterfly whispers,
it gave her wings in her dreams and so much more….

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