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Twilight moon of far away

Twilight moon of far away,

peak through branches as the trees sway,

to the hum of serenity.




DP: Legacy

When my footprints vanish from this land,

and my voice becomes a distant echo,

when I have paid all my debts to the day

and you have to let me go…

I hope stepping on morning dew brings a smile to your face,

I hope you never play, just to win the race,

I hope you rise, after each fall,

I hope you love, with your all,

and I hope you never lose hope…

I will visit you in this hope of your heart,

where my legacy will live forevermore.

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Old Poetry: Seasons

Rainy Spring’s
Cheerful laughter,
plays like music
So sweet,

Auburn Autumn’s
Leaves falling,
Catching each note
Each beat,

Windy Winter’s
Silent whispers,
That reaches
Every soul,

Sunny Summers
Smiling faces,
Calling for all
once more.