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To My forever sunshine – Happy Valentine’s!

For warming my heart when its cold,

For always giving me your hand to hold,

For understanding my silence and my words,

For being my strength in this world,

For being my forever sunshine,

you have my heart till the end of time,

Happy Valentine’s!


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What I think and what I know…

I think if I try hard enough I will find recognition tomorrow,

I know that tomorrow is not in the literal sense.

I think if I could just help that one child shown on TV commercials, I will somehow help reduce poverty,

I know that is not a real solution.

I think that people have different perspectives,

I know for some, it is the only way.

I think if I had enough wealth, I could help solve many issues.

I know some issues need the wealth of a kind heart and not the pocket, and some just need to let be.

I think people need to have dreams,

I know for some the dream is to live another day.

I think I am blessed,

I know I am and I am, thankful. 

My Tweet Got Favourited By an Olympian!

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My Tweet Got Favourited By an Olympian!

Made my day 🙂 Such a great story of true sportsmanship and Canadian spirit displayed by Denny Morrison and Gilmore Junio! Read Story Here…