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Branding Love

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On a family discussion over two television characters who my sister and I were guessing to be married on February 14th, my dad commented asking about the significance of the day. We both shared a chuckle and my mom ‘hmmped’ at his lack of memory when it came to remembering such days. But my sister and I both knew that ‘hmmp’ did not hold much madness behind it, as both my parents love each other despite their usual rifts.

I am not saying that the occasional chocolate or flowers or jewellery is not appreciated. I myself have bought or received one or more of these things for or from my significant other and cherished it. But the rate at which this day is advertised is alarming!


I feel  as a society, we have branded the concept of love to perfection – “Love is the color RED”  – Why? What is wrong with blue, green or purple? or even black?… I understand that is the color of the heart and the metaphoric attribution, but going to the mall in February and seeing all red has made me wonder about it’s hype…“HEARTS = Love” Again I am all good with the concept but the excessive branding in the physical sense really does not get the person to fall in love anymore than they were before. I think it is a very clever strategy in the part of Ferrero chocolates to have the heart shape boxes out for valentines day, rather, it is great for all the other marketers cashing in on these icons of love from la senza lingerie to Target…But on a human to human level I feel it lacks authenticity. The thought that one can never go wrong with a “bigger rock” because ‘diamonds are forever’, and the ‘bigger the diamond’, ‘the more your love’ are brilliant marketing ideas that makes the coal shine it’s way to our bankbook…These ideologies have become part and parcel of our culture and I see this shaping the expectations of individuals on love…

As my final thought on this, I want to say that I hope when my future children love, they love with all their hearts, feel equal love from a ‘bouquet of thoughtful gestures’ as they do from a ‘bouquet of flowers’ or that ‘diamond ring’, be there for each other through spring, winter fall and summer and most of all brand their love with kindness, hope, and imperfections of being human with all the colours of ‘being happy’.

Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

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