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A Moment In the Mind of a cynical photographer

She watches you as your eyes stop smiling. She watches as the slightest crease in your brow comes and goes away, as though it was never there. She watches your hands stiffen as they hold hers’. She watches as you both fidget with the clothing that you are wearing. She does this everyday, this waiting, while her clients prepare themselves for their best shot. She takes power in this watching. Framing your life with her lens.


She watches this while you smile for her camera, waiting for her to snap the emotion you never felt, in pictures, to immortalize it, so you can instagram it as they call it these days and show it to the world. She watches your ‘broken images’ editing them to perfection, till she ‘makes’ you ‘happy’. And you let her…

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SuperBowl: Tribute to Creative Minds in less than 30 Seconds

As much as it is the moment of truth between two great teams, it is also the time to create icons, images, emotions, brands that become a part of a culture and everyday lives.  Here is to the great creative minds who have and will successfully penetrate our minds with their on your face, out of the box and subliminal messages which will have the audiences buzzing yet again…




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