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On Goodbyes and See You Laters


It is always hard for me to say goodbye, and so I tend to stick to ‘see you later’ in my mind for the people I love. I found it ironic when the thought of goodbye popped in my mind for my first post in my new blog. But perhaps, it was that “ see you later” I was clinging on to…

In our last visit, my grandfather told us to lead our life in a way so when we leave, our life can act as a guide to lost souls who are trapped in their thoughts/journey to help them move forward. He was quoting a poem, I can’t quite recall my memory not being as sharp as his at 95. I digress, the point is he told us that on the last day of our visit and he was/is inspiring. Perhaps I will never remember the exact quote, but I will never forget the meaning behind it. And when I next say goodbye to a loved one I want them to know…

I will remember their smiles and their weird laughs

I will remember that random story that connected us

I will remember their madness

I will remember their quirks

I will remember sunlit afternoons

I will remember paper boats and storms

I will perhaps even faintly remember the lines on their hands

I may not remember all the words exchanged between us but I will remember their heart, and no matter how far the distance in time or in miles that pass between us,  to their heart I shall say “ See you later” …


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

49 thoughts on “On Goodbyes and See You Laters

  1. That’s what I remember the most about people: their hands.

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    reblogging this as I think of some loved ones today…

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  4. I also remember the lines on my loved ones hands, even though I can’t quite recall a clear picture of a face.
    Thanks for this

  5. Beautiful as usual! Repetition gives a nice rythm to the poem, Thanks again!

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  7. Really tender. I tried to google a poem with that sentiment- couldn’t find it. If you can remember any part of it exactly- even small- type poem comma then those words, or maybe poetry instead of poem. I really hope you can locate that. That would be so special I’m sure. Sounds like your grandfather was sure something!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 and yes, he is definitely one of a kind…going to be 96 this year! 🙂 . I will try asking him next time I call him but not sure if he would have remembered that conversation but will ask…Take Care my friend!

  8. As I go through this journey with my dad, I will be reminded of your encouraging, gifted words. You and your grandfather touched my heart today. I guess that is living life on purpose.

    I hope you find the poem too! It sounds so very lovely. The picture was a nice touch too!

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  10. My philosophy is, live each day as if it will be your last. One of them will. Oh, and, life’s short, eat dessert first!

  11. Your little dog looks so precious. Sue

  12. There is a saying: You will probably forget what the people you met say to you, but you will never forget how did they make you feel”. 🙂

  13. What a beautiful post….I recall the scent of a person…My Mama is always Chanel No.5, I cannot smell that without her Presence being near x

  14. Wow! Grandfathers are special and look what he inspired in you! I loved my Grandpa M. and when I was planning a trip to Arizona from Ohio on a plane, I found out too late that he had passed away. I wrote a post about a cardinal who ‘sent me a message’ from him. Someday, if you want to read it, push the ‘cardinal’ word on the side column of my post… I really liked the way you were specific in your poetry. Memories of hands and not specific words. See you later!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story…I will check out your post soon and I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather, that is so sad …they are indeed very special 🙂 I had my lost my dad’s dad when I was fifteen…the post goodbye and see you laters is on my mom’s dad he is still alive…but they both will always hold a special place in my heart 🙂 Best wishes to you always and may your grandfather rest in peace wherever he may be ~ Neha

  15. This is beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes for I celebrate a birthday for someone tomorrow who would be 54 but passed away 2 years ago. I miss him so much – I never got to say good bye or what I never told him and always wanted to and that was ‘i love you.’

    • Thank you so much and I am so sorry to hear that and that you had to go through it… but I think or rather I feel ( or may be hope) in my heart that they can feel your heart or some part of that feeling wherever they may be…Kind Regards ~ Neha

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  17. Beautiful and resonates with many. I remember the way my father’s eyes sparkled when he smiled at me. Thanks for bringing that memory to me today.

  18. I love what he said about helping those souls who are trapped in “thought” have done that for your readers and moved his legacy forward.. Wanted to stop in and thank you for your connection and journey in making a difference… Heart to heart Robyn

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  23. Lovely! I’m a see-you-later person too.

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